Digital vibration meter

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Product Name Vibration Meter
Acceleration 0.1-199.m/S2 peak(rms*v2)
Velosity 0.1-1999.9mms rms
Displacement 0.001-1.999mm p-p(rms*2v2)
Accuracy 卤5%卤2digits
Acceleration 10Hz-1KHz(LO) 1KHz-15KHz(HI)
Velosity/Displacement 10Hz-1KHz
Data Output AC Output 2V Peak,Load
Test Mode Acceleration/Velocity/Displacement
Sampling Rate 1S
Low Battery Indication 聽鈭
Auto Shut Off 聽鈭
Power 9V Battery(6F22)
BatteryLife 25 hours Continuous Operation
Advantage High quality/favorable price/quick delivery/best service

Guarantee聽Offers聽1 YEARS WARRANTY

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Packaging Detail:聽聽color box with toold box


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