Carbon Dioxide Detector Datalogger TL-2000(Red)

Measuring CO2,temperature,humidity,barometric pressure…

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The carbon dioxide detector detects the carbon dioxide gas of the onsite environment through absorption principle of infrared light sources.

This instrument can measure and record CO2 concentration ,temperature and humidity . 3.5″TFT full color display and Desktop design .6000 groups of data record and alarm setting. the user can set all parameters and view historical records from instrument direclty or compueter (two ways) .all recording datas can download and export into computer.


Application field:

1. Agriculture

The carbon dioxide may be used for plant photosynthesis. Therefore, it is widely used for agriculture. The air fertilizer with proper concentration may improve output of agricultural crops. When the concentration of carbon dioxide is not sufficient, air fertilizer may be used.It will give great help for whether the vegetable growth or improvement of vegetable.

2 Animal husbandry

The air quality concerns healthy growth of animals. If the air is turbid for a long time and the concentration of carbon dioxide is high and ventilation is not provided, the animal will get ill or epidemic disease may burst out. Therefore, installation of carbon dioxide detector at livestock farm may prevent occurrence of animal epidemics.

3 Industry

The carbon dioxide detector is widely used in the Industry such as wastewater treatment,factory building, workshop, temperature, cleaning room, production safety and all types of Industries. Especially, it is very necessary to monitor the carbon dioxide in borehole operation.The carbon dioxide detector is used generally in metal processing, paper pulp and paper making, cleaning and solvent extraction as well as lower temperature cleaning and carbon dioxide relevant Industry.



  • Measure and record CO2 Concentration(PPM),Air Temperature (°C / °F) and Humidity (%)
  • 5inchTFT-LCD with color display
  • Wall-mountedand desktop Design
  • PerpetualCalendar and Time display
  • Warnning carbon dioxide level
  • Maximum, Minimum Reading Display
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Data recording function.
  • Auto Power Off
Parameter Indicators
Carbon Dioxide Range 0~9999PPM(out of scale)
Accuracy ±50ppm ±5%rdg (0 ~ 5000)
Resolution ratio of carton dioxide concentration 1PPM
Temperature measurement Range -29 to 70 °C (-20 to 158 °F)
Temperature measurement accuracy 1°C
Temperature resolution 0.01°C/°F
Humidity measurement Range 0 to 100%RH
Humidity measurement accuracy ±3%RH
Humidity resolution 0.01%RH
Power supply Built in with demountable 3.7V/18650 cylinder battery or externally connect the USB line to the adapter for charging
Working current 90mA-300mA
Battery service life 2600mAh capable of continuous work at >15 hours
Auto power off apable of being set (default as “no shut down”)
Record groups 6000 groups
Working temperature range -10 ~ 60°C(-4 ~ 140°F)
Working humidity range 0-99%RH
Storage temperature range -40 ~ 80°C
Net weight 250g
Size 138*100*36mm